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List of Birds and Their Keyword Significance

Below you will find a list of birds along with some keywords that represent their significance.  You can use this list as a reference in understanding the significance of the bird if they have appeared in your life in some way.  This list is also useful for dream interpretation and for spiritual symbolism if the reptile has appeared in your personal meditation. If I have written an article on the bird you will see a hyperlink that will take you to additional reading.   

Albatross: signs, omens, success through maturity

Blackbird: understanding energies of Mother Nature

Bluebird: modesty, unassuming confidence and happiness, transformation

Blue Jay: proper use of power

Canary: power of voice

Cardinal: renewed vitality, recognizing self-importance

Catbird: language, communication

Chickadee: cheerful, truth, expression

Chicken: fertility, sacrifice

Cock (Rooster): sexuality, watchfulness, resurrection

Cockatoo: courtship, relationships bonds

Condor: ancient mysteries of life and death, spirit communication, overcoming limitations

Crane: longevity, creation through focus, honor, justice

Crow: Secret Magic of creation is calling, master of illusion, sacred law, universal law

Cuckoo: new fate

Doves: feminine energies, peace, maternity, prophecy

Ducks: emotional comfort, emotional protection

Eagles: illumination of spirit, healing, creation, Divine, Spirit (feathers are sacred healing tools)

Emu: wandering spirit, responsible fatherhood

Finch: variety, multiplicity

Flamingo: healing, flirtatiousness, higher heart

Flicker: rhythm, growth, healing love

Goldfinch: awakening to the nature spiritís

Goose: call of the quest, travel

Grackle: excess, emotion

Grosbeak: healing the heart, family dynamics

Grouse: sacred dancing, drumming, sacred spiral, personal power

Gulls: responsible behavior, communication

Hawk: visionary power, guardianship, messenger (akin to Mercury - Messenger of the Gods)

Heron: aggressive, self-determination, self-reliance

Heron (Great Blue): assertive authority, counsel, self-refelction

Hummingbird: joy, nectar of life

Kestrel (Falcon): mental speed, agility, grace

Kingfisher: warmth, sunshine, prosperity, love

Lark:  harmony, luck, sacred sound, awakening

Loon: lucid dreaming, re-awakening, hopes, wishes, dreams

Macaw: spiritual perception, vision, healing, new light

Magpie: intelligence, familiars, occult knowledge

Martin: luck, community peace

Meadowlark: cheerful, inner journey

Mockingbird: finding your soul purpose, recognition of abilities

Nuthatch: grounding faith, higher wisdom

Oriole: sunshine, warmth, joy

Ostrich: grounded

Owl: mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, vision in the night, deception

Parrot: sunshine, colour healing

Peacock: resurrection, watchfulness, pride

Pelican: renewed buoyancy, unselfishness

Penguin: lucid dreaming, astral projection

Pheasant: family fertility, sexuality

Pigeon: returning to love, security, home

Puffin: abundance through prayer and humor

Quail: group nourishment, protection, secrets, sacred name

Raven: magic, shape-shifting, creation

Road Runner: mental speed and agility

Robin: new growth

Sparrow: awakening, common nobility

Starling: group behavior, etiquette

Stork: birth, unspoken communication

Swallow: protection, warmth, home, proper perspective

Swans: true beauty, power of self, love, grace

Swift: speed, agility

Swisher: awakening to the faerie realm, accomplishment

Turkey: shared blessings, harvest, 12 month cycle, give-away

Vulture: purification, death/rebirth, new vision, fulfillment

Waxwing: gentleness, courtesy

Woodpecker: rhythm, discrimination, beating to your own drum

Wren: resourcefulness, boldness

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