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List of Insects and Their Keyword Significance

Below you will find a list of insects along with some keywords that represent their significance.  You can use this list as a reference in understanding the significance of the insect if they have appeared in your life in some way.  This list is also useful for dream interpretation and for spiritual symbolism if the insects has appeared in your personal meditation. If I have written an article on the insects you will see a hyperlink that will take you to additional reading.   

Ant: industriousness, order, discipline, group order / effort, team player, patience

Bee: fertility, honey of life

Beetle: resurrection

Butterfly: transmutation, joy, transformation

Caterpillar: new birth, good luck

Centipede: psychic movement, connecting with spirit, psychic protection

Cicada: past life lessons return, renewed happiness, shift in energy, patience, past

Cockroach: survival, sensitivity to change

Cricket: sensitivity, intuition, powerful belief, reincarnation, luck

Daddy Long Legs: weaving deeper relationships, invisibility, greater vision, surprises (also see spider)

Dragonfly (Damselfly): power of light, illusion

Fire Fly: light, spiritual inspiration, hope, awakening spiritual gifts (also see glow worm)

Fly: movement, spy, stability, unhealthy environment, perspective, positive vision

Glow Worm: inner light, developing hopes-wishes and dreams (also see fire fly)

Grasshopper: uncanny leaps forward

Ladybug: wish fulfillment, luck, protection, shielding, abundance, new happiness, well being

Leech: purification, detoxification

Mosquito: irritations, attacks, lack of joy

Moth: fertility, relationships, sexual activity, awakening sense of smell and memories

Praying Mantis: power of stillness, female authority

Scorpion: transformation, secrets, passion, desires

Slug: movement to light, divination, increasing fertility

Snail: home, protection, vulnerability, alone

Spider: creativity, weaving of fate, establishing home, writing, gentleness, strength

Stick Bug: patience, camouflage, hiding, success through strong foundation

Tick: unbalanced relationships

Worm: working old ground, life review, caution, how the past influences the future

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