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New Moon Wishing

Harness the power of the  Moon to manifest all of your  desires!


In many of my newsletters I write about using the Power of the New Moon to manifesting your dreams and desires.  We can all harness the power of the New Moon in this way.  It is an Earthly and Universal gift of energy that is available to anyone who chooses to use it.

By setting up a ritual every New Moon, one can harness the power.  Take the time to relax, light a candle and some incense if you desire.  Set the mood for a quite meditative experience.  Feel what your heart desires.  Pick up a pen and paper and write what you desire within your life.  Try not to scatter your energies by asking for too much.  Keep it simple by keeping your list to less then 10 items.  Direct the energy by asking for less.  It is best to harness the Power around the time of the New Moon within 8 hours after.  However, due to hectic day-to-day life (something that you can wish away) it may not be that easy to find the time right then and there.  Keep in mind that the energy of the New Moon lasts for approximately 48 hours afterwards as well. 


When you are New Moon Wishing, it may take longer then one moon cycle for you to see results.  Your intentions should factor in that what you ask for must be in alignment with your Higher Self.  If it is a desire within your heart, then it is in alignment with your Higher Self.  If you are experiencing any blocks in that area of life of your wish, you may need to go deeper into the situation before a manifestation can be achieved.  Look into the problem, and see honestly if there is something that you must do or ask for before you can manifest the ‘big’ wish.  It is as simple as maybe there are things you need to release before you can manifest new.  Make space on every New Moon by releasing a negative trait of the energy that you may be holding on to.   

Your wording also should be taken into consideration when writing a wish.  Remember that you must capture the ‘feeling’ of your wish and not the logic or grammar content.  Take into account that certain words have feelings associated with them.  When we phrase an affirmation a certain way, there are feelings behind some of the words that we choose.  Use words that have ease, health and happiness associated with them. 

Another thing to remember is that energy takes the path of lease resistance.  When making a wish, do not just sit back and wait for it to happen.  Work towards the wish and it will manifest quicker and easier.  We are setting energetic intentions and not miracles.

Each New Moon is unique as it travels through the Zodiac Signs.  Refer to the New Moon Dates and Times to find out what days and times are in alignment with harnessing the energy.  The energy or wishing that you should align yourself with is whatever sign it takes place with. 

Use the following list of the Moon Transiting Through the Signs so that you will know what to wish for with the New Moon in each Zodiac Sign.  If you see a negative trait listing, ask for aid in releasing that trait.

Enjoy the journey of manifesting your hearts desires on a monthly basis and making all your wishes come true.

Nancy Arruda.


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