About Nancy Arruda of Universal Sky

My name is Nancy Arruda and I am The Universal Sky… A highly gifted Psychic-Intuitive who has the ability to understand the ‘big picture’ of the Soul as well as the ‘details’ of day to day life.
I use my natural abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudiance (clear hearing), claircognisance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairsent (clear smelling), calirgustance (clear tasting), clairempathy (clear emotion) and channelling Spirit along with the tools of tarot and astrology.

Everything is made up of energy and energy is everywhere. I can see, hear, feel, smell and taste the vibration of energy. I know what path it is going to travel. I have a unique ability to tap into the understanding and flow of energy, allowing me to discover the ‘path of least resistance’. I can share these concepts with you on a personal level, while inspiring and guiding you to align with your own individual energetic current to find your own path of least resistance within your life.

As you understand the journey of your Soul, you have the power to tap into your life force energy of creation and attune to the life that you desire to live within your body, mind and heart; encompassing your total being.

My love of knowledge has given me the ability to share and apply Universal Laws with others in a one-on-one format or within a group. I strongly believe in the power of free will and choice, which aligns with the concept of ‘creating your own reality’.

I live my passion and truth. I am continually inspired by the dynamics of the Universe and it’s interaction with the inhabitants on Earth!

I believe that we are spiritual beings evolving through a journey we call life in the physical body. Our mind and our feelings are tools that are given to us. When we use those tools appropriately, we can create and live the life we desire within our mind and heart. This then creates the power of Oneness and wholeness within each of us.

While living life, sometimes our path is very clear, and at other times not so clear. I am here to assist you within your life. To offer insight, direction and understanding while on your path. This allows me to fulfill a part of my life’s purpose, to assist individuals as a guide on their personal journeys through life!

Are you ready to embrace your path?

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