Astrology Readings

Align with your Path of Least Resistance!!!

Astrology is a language of energy that maps the planetary frequencies to a specific time and space upon the earth. Everyone is born with a unique energy signature. Through your personal snapshot of time and space, known as a Natal or Birth Chart, you can consciously align with these distinctive energy patterns. Conscious alignment offers one the ability to tap into the essence of your human and Souls’ expressions; giving you the knowledge required in order to align with your conscious and unconscious gifts (Dharma) and lessons (Karma) within this lifetime. Once you are aware of your energy signatures and expressions, you can then choose to consciously align with them and flow receiving that which your heart desires to attract and manifest.


Your first consultation with Nancy (depending on your selection) is either a one hour or one and a half hours long. During the first one hour session, Nancy begins with a natal interpretation of your unique energy signature and your most beneficial and challenging astrological influences. Additionally; she may tap into some of the following; your Karmic lessons, your soul’s purpose, your dharma (path of service), past life and/or parallel life experiences that you are currently working with. Within your first hour, Nancy also prepares a progressed chart sharing your current evolutionary lessons & gifts based on today’s date and current place of residence.


Should you choose to book a longer first session of one and a half hours, you will receive the natal and progressed interpretations as mentioned above as well as a 6 month transit forecast.

This additional information will give you insight of how the planets in the sky now are interacting with your natal and progressed chart for a period of up to 6 months.

After your primary session, you can schedule an appointment to explore your one hour consultation of transits for the period of 12 months. (Transits are where the planets are in the sky NOW and how they are interacting with your natal and progressed chart).


There are several Different Charts that I use in a Reading. It depends on what type of reading you are having.

Natal or Birth Chart – An interpretation of the energy that you were born with in every area of life, such as… The self, personal values and beliefs, finances, home, relationships, creativity, health, work, career, spirituality, past lives and Karma. Also Known as my “Who Am I?” Astrology Reading

Progressed Chart – This is your personal evolutionary chart that is used in conjunction with the natal chart to depict what is transpiring at your current age and current location of residence.

Transit Chart – This is where the planets are in the sky today and this is used in conjunction with your Natal and Progressed chart to create your forecasted predictions for up to six months or one year.

Solar Return Chart – Happy Birthday! This is the chart that is used to predict the ‘big picture’ work you are doing for your personal new year. (You can add this to any reading)

Compatibility Reading – Understand how compatible you are with another person. This can be done in any type of relationship, from understanding your potential partner to your children or employer!

Horary Charts – Have a question? It is answered with a Horary reading. (Email Only)

Please keep in mind the concept of FREE WILL & CHOICE; which is a universal right given to each individual at birth which states NOTHING IS FATED, AND WE ALL CHOOSE HOW TO INTERACT WITH THE ENERGY THAT IS AROUND US THROUGH THE POWER OF CONSCIOUS CREATION.


Choice Selections for your first astrological consultation with Nancy:

This is my FIRST astrological consultation with Nancy and I am interested in ONE the following…

One Hour Consultation of Natal and Progressed or the “Who AM I” Astrological Consultation $150.00 (plus HST) (45 Minute session also available for $115.00 plus HST)

Length of Reading


One and a half hour Natal, Progressed, “Who Am I” Plus a 6-month Transit Forecast $250.00 (plus HST)


The Spiritual & Soul Purpose Astrology Reading. One Hour $175.00 (plus HST)


Choice Selections after your first astrological consultation with Nancy:

I have had an Astrological consultation with Nancy in the past and I am interested in a Transit Consultations to understand the energy I am working with for the projected period of a cycle &/or one year. The following may or may not be included in this consultation: Retrograde periods for personal planets and what I am re-learning as well as understanding how the eclipses are impacting me within a period of one year as well as any other astrological phenomena that is impacting me directly.

1. One Hour 12 Month Astrological Forecast Reading of transits as they interact with my natal and progressed chart on an evolutionary level for a projected period of 12 months $150.00 (plus HST)


2. One and a half hours –12 Month Astrological Forecast Consultation Plus Solar Return.A one hour consultation of transits as they interact with my natal and progressed chart on an evolutionary level for a projected period of 12 months; plus an additional 30 minutes on the cycles of my Solar Return (birthday chart for my current birthday as well as my upcoming birthday ). $200.00 (Plus HST)


3. A Solar Return Reading Only (AKA… Happy Birthday) and the energies you will be working with as it pertains to your solar return. Offered as 30 Minutes On Phone or in Person $75.00 Plus HST. 45 Minutes on phone or in person $115.00 Plus HST. or Emailed in text $80.00 Plus HST.



Details to draft a chart are: (please have the details on hand when scheduling your consultations)

Name (as you would like to appear on your chart)

Date of Birth (Including Month, Day and Year)

Time of Birth (please state AM or PM, as well as if time is Exact, approximate or unknown)

Town and country of Birth (if a small town, please include the closest major town/city)

Town and country of current residence (if a small town, please include the closest major city/town)

Optional:  Please advise if there are  specific  interests  in order to place focus or emphasis in that area. IE;  self, relationships, finances, family, home life, career, spirituality, karma, etc…