Corporate Entertainment Event Services Through Universal Sky

Holding a company gathering? Guests will always remember your gratitude after hosting Entertainment Readings at your event. Employees, company guests and customers love experiencing a reading whether it’s predictive or a personality analysis.

It’s a way of saying “Thank you for all your loyal support that you have given our company”. They will talk about us for days, sharing the name of your company to their close friends and family!!!

From Astrology, Tarot, Aura, Tea-Leaf, Psychometry to Numerology readings; Universal Sky offers a network of practitioners who can assist with your entertainment needs.
From staff parties to customer appreciation hiring an entertainer always allows for a day or evening of remembrance.

Offering your staff a reading at a company social will heighten their moral towards your company.

We specialize in ‘fortune telling’ at your events like…

bullet Company holiday parties
bullet Employee appreciation day
bullet Company picnic (indoor or outdoors)
bullet Wellness days within your office
bullet Customer appreciation days in office or on retail site  i.e. free reading with purchase!
bullet or an anything-you-can-think-up event!!!

Readings Offered…

bullet Astrology readings encompass more then your Sun Sign, find out your basic astrology personality, through all the planets in the universe, along with your strengths and weaknesses!
bullet Tarot readings tap into the energy a person is working with now and in the future.
bullet Aura readings are done with a kirlian  photography computer program and camera, this allows for a constantly moving visual of the persons aura and it’s interpretation.
bullet Tea leaf readings also known as Tassomancy, tell of past present and future events taking place.
bullet Psychometry readings are offered through the touch of an object where events can be retold or foreseen through the eyes of a stranger.
bullet Numerology readings are done by mathematically adding up a persons birthday number and it’s meaning.


Readings are structured depending on the amount of guests, typically for large events or customer appreciation, we try to fit in as many people as possible!  We offer mini-readings that will vary from 5-10 minutes per person.

Your guests are welcome to create a line up list, but time slots are not suggested.  There is no guarantee that all guests on the lists will be served.  First come, first serve basis.

Hiring us by the hour allows you to   determine your suited approximate time slots for your guests; options are… 5-10 minute readings, 10-15 minute readings, 15-20 minute readings.

There is a minimum of 2.5 hours service to a maximum of 5 hours per reader hired.  All readers are pending date and time availability and will be quoted on and confirmed upon acceptance.

Contact Nancy Arruda of Universal Sky to receive a quote for your event!!!

When in an entertainment format, the information shared is positive,  light-hearted and fun in nature.