Entertainment Events

Corporate events, company holiday parties, grand openings, and customer appreciation events.

Using the tool of the Tarot (an ancient form of Divination) Nancy will tap into her psychic abilities, reading the past, present and future events of the person who sits in for a consultation. Each person who desires to have a reading can sit with Nancy for 5-10 minutes while she shares with them the information received. When in an entertainment format, the information shared is of a positive, light-hearted and fun nature.

Should someone choose to sit for a reading and not desire to hear ‘future’ concepts, Nancy also offers Astrological Personality readings where a person can gain understanding of their personality traits based on the Planets and where they were on their day of birth. Again all information shared is positive, light-hearted and fun nature.

Should your company desire to host more then one reader, Nancy has a network of readers who can accompany her to your Special Corporate Event more….

Rate is charged on an hourly basis, and the minimum requirement for reading is 2.5 hours to a maximum of 5 hours. Each reader is entitled to a 15 minute break half way through a 3 hour event, or two 10 minute brake during a 4-5 hour event.

Set up. In this format, the readers are usually placed within the room that the event is being held and are set off to the side in a semi-private corner. People are welcome to place their names in an order list, however no time suggestions will be posted. There are no guarantees that every one who goes on the list will be read for.

None of these readings are taped, however the person receiving the reading is allowed to take notes.

Contact Nancy for availability and quote for the evening, pending your companies particulars. More…