Psychic Tarot Readings

I use my natural abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudiance (clear hearing), claircognisance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairsent (clear smelling), calirgustance (clear tasting), clairempathy (clear emotion) and channelling Spirit along with the tools of tarot.

If in person, I start the session by getting you to pick your cards randomly from the deck. If over the phone or via skype, I pick them for you, holding your energy in mind while I pick them. Then I start talking about what I am seeing and sensing using the psychic gifts that are dominate with your specific energy at the time of the reading.

I truly believe in the power of choice and free will along with the ability to co-create your reality, therefore, I do not operate from a fatalistic mentality. Yes, I believe that some aspects within life are fated, but fated events play a small role within a lifetime. You are here to learn something (that is fate), how you learn it is up to YOU. The more open minded and conscious you are the more potential for the co-creation of your reality.

Many times people ask me to tap into the energy of their loved ones, however, if their Higher-Self does not generate permission in the moment of inquires (that are in the best interests of everyone involved), there may be limitations to the information received. As a Light worker, I must honour the Higher-Self of every individual. Remember you are the one receiving the reading, so it is best to keep the reading about YOU, and not someone else. If there are specific question that you are looking to receive answers from, I can look into those questions, however, I can NOT guarantee that you will hear what you want to hear, or that I can give you a direct answer to your question. Sometimes the answers to the questions are more complex then a yes or a no and there are many choice variables at hand in order to determine a specific outcome. I will see the energy around your question. But when we come to a choice point, there is always more then one variable based on the choice that you choose. I will share the reason behind the choice point, the choices that are shown to me, and the potential outcome of those choices. Ultimately, all choices are yours to make.

I only consult with people on a one to one basis in a reading.

30 Minute Reading:

For a 30 Minute Reading I use the Celtic Cross spread, of 10 cards that allows me the ability of tapping into one specific area of life. Based on the time restrictions of a 30 minute reading, there is not enough time to cover more content outside of one or two situations.

45 Minutes to One-Hour Appointments:

I use the Astrological Spread which consist of 13 different cards, gaining insight into every area of life such as; the Self, relationships, finances, personal values and beliefs, communications, romance, love, spirituality, partnerships, business, career, work, hopes, wishes, dreams, the unconscious mind and karma. Past, present and future life events may be discussed, this aspect of the reading is channelled through spirit, guides and past loved ones and channelled information comes as it may . From time to time, I may channel a past loved one directly; however, this is not my preferred modality of choice.

Email Readings:

Limited to ONE question/event/situation per payment. Please include your birth date (with year) as this helps me tap into your specific energy! Please explain the context of your question; the more specific you are the more specific I can be! I also give you the opportunity to reply with a question for additional clarity if it is required so that I can expand on something if you do not understand the way it is phrased. Or you may have an off shoot question in regards to something stated in the email, based on a choice etc. Only ONE reply will be answered in the rate and the reply expires 96 hour after the original time stamp on the email. (If I receive your reply within the 96 hour time period I will answer it, however, it may take me up to 4 business days to reply with an answer, depending on my schedule). If you book an email reading, I schedule it like an appointment in my calendar!

Length of Reading



The recordings offered In Canada and the USA only and are a complimentary part of the service offering when receiving a 45 minute to one hour reading. There are no guarantees on the quality or sound of ANY reading recording. Sometimes recordings do not work and the reading will NOT be re-done if the recording does not work. It is your option not to have it recorded, that is your choice, and NO discount applies. If you choose to have it recorded, there are no additional costs associated to the recording, the CD or the mailing of it. Universal Sky, Nancy Arruda is NOT responsible for the information shared within a reading or recorded on a CD. It is highly suggested that if you don’t want anyone to hear it, don’t get it recorded.

Over the Phone / Skype Recordings:

On these recordings, you will ONLY hear my voice. When offering information in regards to a specific question that you asked me, I will reference the question in my answer so that when you listen to it again, you will have some idea as to what question you asked.
Your mailing address is required for me to mail it to you via regular mail (no tracking number provided and it is usually mailed within 24 hour of our appointment Monday to Friday). Universal Sky, Nancy Arruda is NOT responsible for the information shared within a reading or recorded on a CD. It is highly suggested that if you don’t want anyone to hear it, don’t get it recorded.