Healing Sessions

My healing sessions are indented for those people who are trying to make an evolutionary step on their Souls path.
I work in your energy field (Aura) and Chakra Centers. I am guided by Divinely aligned Spirit, Angels, Master Teachers and Guides to remove aspects of stagnant and heavy blocks from the energy field and chakra centers.
I can hear, sense, see, taste, smell and feel particles and blocks that can be removed with ease, making space in your energy field for an infusion of Divine healing and Soul alignment. I work in the different layers of the Aura, the etheric (rules the physical body), emotional, mental and multiple spiritual layers of the Aura, as I am guided by Divine Spirit.
This process kick starts you with ease on your spiritual process and path.
Each person must be willing and open to experience a life shift in order to receive the maximum benefit from a session.
If you feel stuck, heavy (emotionally) exhausted due to life circumstances then you will feel the most benefit from one of my sessions.

Click on one of the links below for more information to the different healing services that I provide.

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