One on One Spiritual Development Consultations and Esoteric / Soul Learning

Where to start? Have you been having psychic experiences and want do find out what the next steps are in developing your abilities? Have you had multiple synchronicities and would like some insight? Or are you new to exploring your spiritual path and are looking for some guidance?

Then you are ready for the “Where to Start Consultation”!

Order Now – “Where to Start?” Spiritual One on One Consultation

This is your first session with me to see if you are a fit for this ongoing service offering! I believe in order for you to gain the full benefit of my One-on-One Spiritual Consultations, you need to start somewhere, and that is to see if there is a connection between us that you feel comfortable with. In this session I will review your astrological birth chart and generally explore your current path and spiritual journey. After our initial consultation, I will inform you of your choices in moving forward based on your own unique circumstances.

Where to Start – One Hour – One on One Spiritual Consultation


Spiritual Development One on One Consultations Program

Are you currently on a path of self-discovery? Are you currently going through major transitions in life and require some direction or spiritual understanding? Are you starting to have unusual experiences that you can not explain happening in your life?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then consider the following program.

Sign up today for a series of personal integrative sessions with Nancy Arruda and find clarity, insight and understanding within the dynamics that are going on within your life.

During your consultations, you will receive channelled guidance on why things are the way they are. Deeper understanding from a soul perspective into the challenges you are facing. Tools that will aid your own spiritual development process which will allow you to tap into your own symbology and intuitive understanding. Understand the growth that you are achieving from the perspective of the Soul Light. Many times universal concepts and laws are brought into the discussion, which will allow you deeper understanding of the esoteric concepts within how the Light of the Soul shines on the other side. Achieve deeper meaning and deeper spiritual understanding around many of the life issues you are faced with and how to work within your Soul parameters and integrate desired manifestations within the physical plane.

Nancy currently works with a group of people on an individual, weekly and bi weekly intervals. These sessions do not encourage co-dependency, but allow for the individual to receive feedback of their own personal life experiences and understanding of why these situations occur. They will create the ability to surpass prior life limitations, and give you the ability to understand esoteric concepts.

It is suggested that prior to applying for this program, you receive your Where to Start Spiritual One-on-On consultation (order at top of page) which can allow you to determine if this program is right for you. After your consultation you can sign up for this interactive consultations series and begin to explore who you are from the inside out.

This works by setting up a weekly time with Nancy over the period of several months. Pay for it monthly . Special discount off regular reading rate when paying for 2, 4, 6 or 8 sessions below. The more sessions you buy, the more you save.

This service is only available over the phone or in person from the Jacksons Point office.

Email Nancy for more information on this service or Order Below!

Spiritual Development One-on-One Spiritual Consultation Packages

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“Nancy Arruda is very gifted in the realms of tarot, astrology, dream symbology and channeling. Nancy will use her gifts to assist you, as she did for me. Whether you are a beginner or you are continuing a spiritual journey already begun you will appreciate the care and consideration Nancy gives her clients. Nancy is an accurate ‘reader’ but equally important are her abilities to help a client interpret, process and integrate their own experiences and gifts. Nancy has been excellent at providing me with an opportunity for practical supportive discussions and personalized guidance regarding matters of the spirit. My work with Nancy has occurred mostly over the phone, at my leisure, at a time and place which fits in with my schedule. No traveling, no parking, no hassles. I am, as a result, fully present and focused on the spiritual work I want to accomplish.”

— Theresa T, Policy Analyst