What’s Up in the Universal Sky?! November 2017 Astrological Newsletter

“Let It Go!”

November is a month filled with twists and turns. Ultimately, while the Sun transits the sign of Scorpio we are focusing on letting go, releasing, and clearing our way!  Many people have a hard time with letting go and releasing old aspects of being.  We live in a society of attachment and attainment, so we may not like letting go of those things that we have collected over time.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual in nature, it can sometime be viewed as difficult to change our ways.  When I tell people that things are changing, I get two different types of reactions.  One can bring a smile to your face, while the other, a look of sadness.  How are you holding onto the past?  How are you letting the past go?  It does not matter how much you hold onto something, when the Universe says, “let go” one just complies.  You may comply, kicking and screaming or you may just fall into acceptance and release!

The first part of November is a busy one, starting with Saturn square Chiron on November 2nd. This aspect can activate feelings of sensitivity.  It’s asking everyone to let go of ways of being (emotionally or psychologically) that are stopping you from being TRUE to yourself.  Go within and discover what behaviours you are holding onto that are not in your best interest and replace them with something that serves your highest good!  There are so many wonderful opportunities waiting for you.  All you need to do is let go of critical tendencies and inadequacies towards the self or others.  One may need to use their will-power to strengthen their inner self, so tap into your highest potential, and become a better YOU!

Then on November 4th, the Full Moon in Taurus transpires. Full Moons illuminate our inner world and then it shines that outward to our external reality.  Mirrors of what is transpiring within the subconscious mind are reflecting out into our lives.  You can see what it is that is happening on many different levels.  Being in a ‘release’ month, the Full Moon in Taurus shows you where you need to make adjustments in what it is that you value.  Sure we can talk about money, but not all of our personal values and beliefs are around money, so go deep (and it doesn’t have to be that deep with a full moon) to discover where you are within your own personal values system.  Sometimes this can manifest in an external event that has someone questioning the value that you bring.  Are you or someone else de-valuing you on any level?  Ask yourself this question and then look within to find the reason why.  This Full Moon takes place at 11 degrees of Taurus 58 Minutes and it activates aspects of our ego.  As we focus on our external reality, we tap into our personal needs and the objects that we require to fulfill those needs.  Quite often, our quest to attain our desires leaves us desiring more.  The focus is on sustainability.  Drive your energy towards what it is that you need to sustain yourself.  Try not to go over the top in your quest of attainment, instead focus on being more accepting of everything that you are achieving!  With the Moon opposite Jupiter, one may feel a little self-indulgent, and every now and then, that is a good thing to embrace.  Try not to over do it or have unrealistic expectations of what it is that you are desiring.  Keep in mind the Moon sextile Neptune awakens sensitivity in people, so take the time to meditate today and look to Spirit to show you the direction that is best for you while on this quest for sustainability!  It is easy to get to the point of anything that is taking place with the Moon trine Pluto.  Just remember to keep your personal power in check or you can activate an ego lesson.  Additionally, the Sun harmoniously interacts with Jupiter and Neptune, so allow your expansive nature the ability to shine creatively, just remember to keep your ego in a place of moderation.

Saturn trine Uranus on November 11th can move some blocks out of the way. We must remember that it is very important to implement responsible behaviours as you embrace any new and exciting concepts.  If you have been feeling a little stuck in certain areas of life, then now it is time to move in new directions.  Ride the breakthrough wave as long as possible.  What is keeping you stuck has been removed, so do the DANCE of JOY and prepare for some wonderful new changes that are in alignment with your highest good!

Take note that Mercury will be stationing retrograde in December. This can create all kinds of havoc with communication tools (phones, computers).  It can also create some issues with short distance travel (vehicles, traffic) and it can interfere with the message you desire to deliver.  With that in mind, the pre-shadow takes place on November 15th.  So even though we are not in the retrograde motion this month, we are starting to experience it!  That being said, if you are thinking of buying any electronic items for the holiday season, it is best if you buy it before November 15th!

On November 18th the New Moon in Scorpio is inspiring you to try something different. Typically, New Moons are about embracing new projects, but this is the one New Moon a year that says, “Let-go, move on and make some space”! The New Moon in Scorpio inspires us to RELEASE!  When you do, you are creating space for something magical!  On the 19th, Mars square Pluto transpires.  Typically I do not discuss Mars transits (or aspects to Mars), but because both planets in this configuration are ruled by the sign of Scorpio, it must be noted.  This places emphasis on transformation through destruction.  Most people believe that destruction is negative, but in truth, it is not.  It is simply a process of releasing and making space for something new.  Before you can build a new house, you must first dig up all the soil that it will be laid upon.  That in itself is a destruction of the surface.  Before you can create something new, something must be destroyed.  When Mars squares Pluto, powerful drives come to the surface.  The New Moon in Scorpio is asking everyone to dig deep into the self.  Obsessive tendencies may surface when one starts to probe.  Process what ever it is that you are feeling, then choose to destroy any obsessive tendencies by trying to understand your NEED for control.  It is now time to tap into the theme of transformation.  Grab those aspects that are no longer needed and transform it into something that serves you well!

Confusion may plague you as you witness aspects of your ‘old’ life dissolving. Let it go, let it flow so that you can fully step into your personal power.  The confusion is coming from Neptune stationing direct on November 22nd.  This is a period of deep introspection.  One may feel like they are currently being tested.  Neptune is challenging us to prove our abilities to our self and to others.  Don’t stress at this time, instead journey inwards to your heart centre, and discover the Love that lives within!


Nancy Arruda


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